There’s a Price For Practice to Make Perfect

We don’t run before we walk and we don’t give a speech before we learn to talk.  I’m sure Micheal Jordon threw up a few bricks before he became quite good at basketball and I’m sure Tiger woods busted 100 a few times before he became one of the best of golfers of all time.  I suppose you could also say Chuck Adams messed up a few shots on his way to becoming a very well known and very good archery hunter.  Learning to become proficient at something takes time and sometimes a lot of patience and practice as you work through the process.  Learning to do anything is a process and if we don’t have the drive to be good at something or the patience because of the time its going to take, it’ll never get done.

We have three grandsons under the age of one so we are getting some first hand lessons about the process of learning to crawl, to walk, to hit the mouth with a spoon, you name it.


I'll have to say one thing about the misses, they were all on the same level!

All this was going through my mind the other day when I was walking out to do chores.  As I walked by the green metal gate panels I noticed three little holes in the bottom rail.  Then I noticed there was another hole in the middle rail and a bit to the left.  I was contemplating this as I fed the stud and headed back to the gate when it all of a sudden hit me that that gate was in line with our archery targets.  Now I knew Suz had had a bit of a problem with target panic awhile back because she doesn’t hide her frustrations well, but to her credit she had hung in there and conquered it.


This surprised me, the power behind these arrows that they would penetrate clean through the metal gate.

By this time I was chuckling under my breath as I hooked up the water hose to start the water to fill horse tanks.  I screwed the hose on the faucet and lifted the handle and proceeded to get a shower of water all over.  With a little more detective work I strung the hose out behind the targets and sure enough, it matched up in line with the target and holes in the gate.   I thought back of the first time she shot a bow three years ago when she missed the target by three feet at ten yards the first three times she shot that thing.  How many arrows she has shot since I could never guess.  All I know is I kept buying more arrows.  Since then she has taken a couple of big game animals with her bow and she keeps reporting in so I know she is still shooting.


I think if a person tried all day to get an arrow to stick in hose, he may have a challenge on his hands.

Todays report went like this.  “”I only shot four arrows today.  The first at 20 yards was 1/2 inch to the right.  The second shot at 30 yards was a half inch low.  My third shot was from 40 yards and was a half inch to the left, and my forth shot was from 50 yards and it centered the bulls eye, so I quit.  I figured if I tried to improve on that I’d somehow mess it up.”   I sure wasn’t one to argue with her about that.

So if we go through anymore trials of target panic or twitchy fingers, I’ll be happy to keep buying hose’s and gate panels as she pays the price of time and dealing with the days that get frustrating.  Its just a pleasure to me to see all her efforts and determination has given her a few rewarding experiences.


2 Responses to “There’s a Price For Practice to Make Perfect”

  1. NorCal Cazadora on December 1st, 2009 10:22 pm

    That’s awesome! Think of it as a free new sprinkler system…

  2. Arthur on December 2nd, 2009 6:18 am

    It just goes to show ya, that practice makes perfect. And for the record, Michael Jordan was cut from this high school basketball team. Never give up!

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