Chasing Elusive (Adroit) Elk

Elusive (e lu’ siv)  adj.  Adroitly evading; baffling, hard to grasp.

I had to look this up to make sure it was the description I wanted… and then had to look up adroitly( this always happens to me!)

adroit (a droit’) adj. Skillful or clever in performance; quick to grasp and execute; resourceful; deft.

…and that pretty well sums up how the elk handled us poor inept humans on this elk hunt!


 Thank goodness this wild elk chase took place in some of the most breathtaking backdrop the eyes will ever feast upon… and the other elusive creatures that live there would dance in and out of this backdrop, keeping the interest  pitched to a high level!

Here’s the video that explains it all!



3 Responses to “Chasing Elusive (Adroit) Elk”

  1. Arthur on February 1st, 2010 6:13 am

    I don’t have time to watch the video right now, but I’m looking forward to eventually having the time to do so; that backdrop is amazing. My hunts look nothing like that:):)

  2. Terry Scoville on February 1st, 2010 8:24 am

    Thanks for the wonderful video. You are so right that just being out there is worth the effort. it seems the rarer it is that I come home with an elk and more so have a great camping trip. Does have a way of keeping us humble.

  3. suzee on February 1st, 2010 12:40 pm

    Arthur- We are lucky to have such awesome country to hunt in… The video actually doesn’t do justice to the country… just amazing the depth and vastness of it! Gary has taken me into the backwoods of Minnesota where he grew up and that has it’s special appeal too… the hardwood forests there really intrigued me! I’m asuming that Michigan has similar woods?

    Terry- wish you could have come along with us!… I don’t know just what we should have tried to get on those elk!… the snow was just impossibly noisy, even when I crawled on my hands and knees!… and the elk know just where to stay… out in the wide open!

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