Sue’s Idaho Spring Bear Hunt (Video)

The last day of spring bear season was May 22nd… and I’m having a hard time getting back into the non- hunting mode… Turkey ended May 25th and slipped right on by without getting a hunt in. We got the notice from Idaho Fish and Game that Gary and I were unsucsessful in our application for Moose and Mountain Goat… so I’m just trying to tide myself over until Antelope and archery Elk and Deer season starts. To help keep the non-hunting blues from getting the best of me I put all the footage together of my bear hunt this spring. It really was an awesome time to be up on the mountain. It is so green ( except in early April! was still white with snow!) We had a special time with a young friend Zach, who’s been interested in hunting and anxious to experience a hunt. He was able to go with us several times, unfortunately both times he was with us we never saw a bear and the weather wasn’t the best… but he stayed enthusiastic and we hope it will work out to have him with us on more hunting adventures in the future!

We only saw one bear the whole season, but had a great time with trying predator calling. We used wounded rabbit, fawn in distress, and bear cub distress calls. It was so interesting to see how the deer reacted to the fawn calls. We started calling in this one canyon and after about 5 minutes of calling the canyon came alive with deer… they seemed to be coming out of every bush and rock! One time we had a herd of about 27 elk come within 100 yards of us, investigating the fawn calls… so even though there’s not much footage of bear on this video… there’s lots of footage of deer and elk, and the beauty of the mountain in springtime!


3 Responses to “Sue’s Idaho Spring Bear Hunt (Video)”

  1. Terry Scoville on June 9th, 2010 10:57 am

    Well even though you didn’t get a bear this year, looks like you all had a great time out there. After all isn’t that what it’s all about. Thanks for sharing your hunt and the beautiful Idaho landscapes. Those hot springs looked especially inviting. Hope you draw your elk and antelope tags, good luck!

  2. Arthur on June 9th, 2010 11:41 am

    It’s to bad you didn’t get a bear, but the most important part is that everyone still appeared to be enjoying themselves. And how could you not when you’re surrounded by scenery that looks like that.

    I was glad to see that young Zach still enjoyed tagging along as well. Hopefully he continues to do so right into adulthood.

    And, the video was great. Abby loved it too. As soon as she heard the calling, she had to sit on my lap and watch. And she was very upset when it ended:):)

  3. suzee on June 9th, 2010 9:22 pm

    Arthur- We are looking forward to having Zach come along on more hunts. He is planning on taking his hunter saftey before fall hunting… the main problem we have, is he’s an Oregon resident… this is one of the problems with living close to the borders of states! I have family who live close and it would be so fun to hunt together… but they have Oregon hunting licenses.
    So glad Abby enjoyed the video!

    Terry- the hot springs is a place I want to revisit… and not during a hunt! I would like to go back when the creek isn’t so high.

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