I Didn’t Mean it to be Funny, And it Wasn’t

For years when we had company over the subject always got around to “what are we dining on today”?  Usually it was deer or elk with a possible exception of Goat, Bear, Antelope or Moose depending on how lucky the draw was for us that year.  Well for the last year when I heard ‘whats for dinner?’ all I could say was ‘Beef, it’s what’s for dinner’.  At least one industry loves me this year.  Looking back on the year I’ve had to ask “what in the Sam Hill happened anyway?”  True, I’m getting older and slower, but I still cover the ground.  Maybe I don’t see or hear like I once did, but I have Sue with me and she isn’t seeing or hearing anything either so I don’t think that’s it either.  But then I thought of a couple instances that kind of turned me a bit red, yes maybe there is a reason.

Moose country without the moose.

I had a Moose tag last year and since its a difficult draw I decided a major portion of my time needed to be spent chasing them.  My draw was in an area that had Whitetail deer and the seasons ran at the same time.  So after a couple days of hunting Sue felt we ought to go out and get a Whitetail tag just in case.  The reasoning was as long as we are out there and if we saw a nice buck we’d kick ourselves if we didn’t have a tag.  The very next morning we sat on an open outcropping on a hillside overlooking a beautiful draw.  Sue set up the camara and I started my best rendition of a Bull Moose with his rut corpusals fully engaged.  It wasn’t but a few minutes and I saw a flash of light color down in the woods below us and in my mind it said, “Moose antler palm.”  I threw my rifle up and put the scope on the place he would come out of the woods.  When he did come out he was broadside slightly quartering away, perfect, only it was a 10 point Whitetail.  I put the crosshairs behind his sholder and said bang.  Then I watched as he made his way down the draw and out of sight.  I then turned to Sue all happy about the sight but disappointed that it wasn’t a bull Moose and she says, “Whats wrong, wasn’t he big enough?”  It wasn’t till then that I realized I was carrying a whitetail tag. I had “moose” so imprinted on my mind I had totally forgotten I could have pulled the trigger.  Now which emotion should I feel as I had three or four of them to pick from at that time.  Whichever emotion I settled on would have to get along with the stupid feeling which was holding court at the moment.

Earlier in the season we were bow hunting elk and had spent the morning moving in on a herd that we had been doing a little elk talk with.  As we got close I miscalculated where they were and walked right into the middle of them.  Unfortunately the bull was closest to me and must have got a nose full of Essense de Gary because he vacated the premise without a second look or smell.  It was towards the end of the season so when a couple cows stood up to my left at 40 yards I decided it was meat time.  One cow was standing behind a tree with just her front end, back as far as 4″ behind the front shoulder showing.  I put the site to the right of the tree and in my mind said don’t hit the tree.   I think they call that negative attention getter because that is exactly what I did.  There is a huge Yellow Pine in Elk Gulch that is still wearing a 100gr. Cobra broad head.  The last I saw it, it appeared it would survive quite well, which is just as well as Yellow Pine does not taste good.

My camera lady and I should have switched places and we at least would be eating venison!!

I’m guessing I really should spend more time behind the video camara and encourage Sue to do the shooting and maybe we’d have a more tasty selection of meat in our freezer.  At least my hunting this year has provided some humor around the table when the family gets together.  I’m not quite used to that, and I have no desire to get used to eating crow.


One Response to “I Didn’t Mean it to be Funny, And it Wasn’t”

  1. NorCal Cazadora on July 2nd, 2011 3:51 pm

    Hmmm. Well… beef’s not bad, I guess. What a frustrating season!

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