Mr. Bear, Shy and Aggressive

Its always been a marvel to me how black bears can be so shy, and yet in their own way aggressively live in close proximity to humans.  I don’t know how many times I’v have seen bear while out hunting and the second they know you are around they mysteriously just disappear.  Yet they have no qualms of checking out a persons dwelling if there is something that smells good inside, even to tearing a windows or take a door off.

Holly’s story, ‘So, a bear walked into a restaurant…’ brought to memory an experience a little closer to home.

An elderly lady, Nelly,  who lives not to far from here, was living in a house which had a solarium on the full south side of the house.  From the solarium there were doors and windows that lead into the main part of the house, most notably into the kitchen and the living room.  One day Nelly was in the house canning, and when she hears noises, she looks up to see a bear staring back at her from inside the solarium, 12 feet away.  She then starts to threaten the bruin with every threat an elderly little lady can threaten, but it seemed only to entice the blacky all the more.  He then started pounding his paws all along the windows and when he got to the screen door, hit on it.  He wasn’t the brightest bear in the world or he would have noticed that every time he hit the door it opened a few inches as it was only held shut by its spring.  By now, our lady seeing this, was getting quite frantic and ran into the living room only to have the bear run to those windows and start pounding on them.  Gaining a little sense, she picked up her phone and called the neighbor.  Fortunately he was where he got the call, grabbed his gun and headed over there half afraid of what he would find when he got there.  While she waited, Nelly continued this strange little dance with the bear, to the kitchen, then back to the living room and then return to the kitchen.  She wanted to keep him busy on all fours so he wouldn’t happen to hit the screen door again.  Finally the neighbor came tearing into the yard and when Nelly saw him she went charging out the side door shouting “shoot him, shoot him”. 

When the nieghbor was able to get her cooled down he explained to her, “I can’t ma’am, he’s inside your house.”

She appreciated the fact that the bear liked her canning, but she just didn’t like the way he looked at her, and even at her age that was still very important.



3 Responses to “Mr. Bear, Shy and Aggressive”

  1. Aaron on August 8th, 2011 2:48 am

    Awesome story. I would have peed in my paints. I have been camping and stayed in lake cabins, i have yet to see one. I hope to keep it that way (i’m knocking on the wood as i say this. :)

  2. Arthur on August 8th, 2011 7:21 pm

    I’ve never seen a bear while hunting – or while out anywhere for that matter – either. And, once I finally do, I’d hope to think it doesn’t show up in my kitchen!!!

  3. Gary Sorenson on August 10th, 2011 9:28 pm

    Aaron – that is exactly how I knew how far a sow with two cubs were from me one day. I went back the next day and stepped off 17 steps from where her foot prints were to the wet spot in the trail, where I was.

    Arthur – We used to see a lot more then we do now. The most I have seen in a day was seven while hunting elk. Since the wolves moved in they have thinned out the cubs so there are a lot less bear over all in this area now.

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