Wolves in Oregon

Wolves have been the plague of the Northwest United States since their introduction in 1995.  Spreading at alarming rates, they have pushed beyond the bounds of the mighty Snake River and are now flourishing in Northeast Oregon.  Because the wolf problem is relatively new to Oregonians, I find it chilling to listen to the ranchers and hunters talk about the problem because it mirrors the concerns Idahoans in my part of the state had about 5 or 6 years ago.  It’s like I’ve gone back in time and am listening to the same fears being realized for the first time.  Ranchers are watching their lively hood come under attack.  These are men and women that have known nothing but ranch life for many decades – some of these families have been on these ranches over 100 years – and their only avenue of income is subject to a very real threat. Hunters are concerned that the wild game populations will plummet to extremely low levels, closing certain hunts the way it has in Idaho.  The danger to sportsmen doesn’t threaten their lively hood so it is easier to call them whiners, but I challenge anyone to be forced – forced – to give up a legal activity that they enjoy immensely.

The following video was sent to me by a friend.  It was filmed by Marc Bales, edited by Grady Rawls and produced by Pahsimeroi Pictures.


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