2012 Idaho Archery Elk Season- First of September






Looking into one of the many canyons the elk call home



That magical month of pursuing a dream. The dream we have fostered for 11 months…

For many the journey toward opening day begins immediately after the closing hours of the last day of archery season… and the cycle begins again.

Hours of sweat in the gym. Pounding the trails,  loaded with sand filled packs.  Straining eyes glued to computer screens.  Pouring over maps and satellite visions from Google Earth. Braving the smothering August heat to set up trail cameras.  Eager anticipation as you bring up the visions on your screen hoping for that monster bull or buck to be staring back at you…

Opening day of the 2012 season found us nestled in one of our favorite “honey holes”… and the dream turns to reality.





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