Moving On To Wide Open Horizons


The camp here at BaseCamp has been abuzz with change…  The wide open Prairie of Nebraska has beckoned our son Tom to come and see her far reaching horizons. While we feel excited for his expanding opportunities, we can’t help but feel a little sorry for ourselves… Camp just won’t be the same without him…  after all who is going to be the camp roustabout

Tom and Shanna & Boys

Tom and Shanna & Boys

Tom has always dreamed of being able to make money with the two things he enjoys, writing and the outdoors… so when he was presented with an opportunity to work for Cabelas as a copywriter he  didn’t have to think on it overnight. You might be asking yourself, as I did, “What in the world does a copywriter for Cabelas do?” Well to give a very short and simple explanation they edit the catalog before they go to final print to see if there’s any errors, such as grammar or spelling. Their other line of work is to come up with those elaborate descriptions you read next to the products.

While they say that change is good it’s going to be a little hard on us old folks…  I admit to being pretty spoiled with having Tom’s two little rough and ready boys to play with…come to think on it… perhaps that’s why they are leaving…




This boy really  knows how to splash in a puddle!

This boy really knows how to splash in a puddle!

The "Wild Safari Hunters" getting ready to get a good nights sleep before their Big Hunt

The “Wild Safari Hunters” getting ready to get a good nights sleep before their Big Hunt

Shanna gave me a sign for Mother’s Day that reads “Many a grandchild is spoiled, because you can’t spank Grandma”… I wonder what makes her think that? After all it’s always just innocent fun that we have around here… things like trying to splash the mud puddles dry, pitching the tent in the middle of the living room and playing wild Safari, and best of all going out into the Bush and collecting wild animal bones that they love to drag home and proudly display in their room!


The great archeologists at work...

The great archeologists at work… 



We will miss you all… and hope that you will come back to visit our humble little camp  … perhaps we can even persuade you to write a little something now and then… We wish you and Shanna and our two little “Wild Child” grandsons the best in your new adventure… perhaps when Grandpa & Grandma come to visit we can find some new innocent fun adventures!… Oh and by the way Tom, we’ll be looking over the new Cabelas catalog with an eagle eye!

P.S.  12/9/  I just talked with Tom tonight. He’s been on the job for a week now, and is excited about the opportunities there… he also informed me that I had given out false information on the specifics of his job. I guess I should have had him proof read this before I posted!! He does not do any of the editing  to check for errors. He does do the writing of product descriptions.







2 Responses to “Moving On To Wide Open Horizons”

  1. Phillip on January 20th, 2014 11:24 am

    Belated congrats to Tom! And Nebraska isn’t that far away…

    My rounds of the blogs on my list are a little less regular than they once were, but I’m glad to see there’s still great quality here, and that you guys are still hard at it.

  2. Tom Sorenson on April 15th, 2014 10:11 pm

    Thanks, Phillip! As you can see by my just now responding to this comment, my rounds are quite less regular as well…and this used to be my blog!

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